Twin Pin

Shea Somma surfing a channeled twin pin custom surfboard in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Loose and free feeling with the drive and hold of a pin

The Channeled Twin Pin has emerged as the alternative step-up of choice over the last few years as video of Torren Martyn riding Morning of the Earth Surfboards has demonstrated the amazing capabilities of this type of design in heavy waves worldwide. 

Inspired by this footage, as well as by the unique channeled designs of Dave Parmenter, I blended a few of my personal favorite templates together to create a wide-point forward shape that is intended to surf when the waves are pumping. This board marries the loose and free feeling of twin fins with the drive and hold of a pintail step-up. The channels add bite, control, and thrust that allow this board to be ridden with authority in larger surf, and the thicker foil gives tons of paddle power for chasing down those outside peaks. I prefer an upright style twin fin, such as the TA Twin, for the best balance of drive and maneuverability.

Custom surfboard hand shaped by shaper Shea Somma in San Francisco California
Channel bottom custom surfboard by Central Coast shaper Shea Somma

MAGIC AT: 6’4 
RANGE: 5’10 to 7’6
RACK: Mollusk / SF


Bottom turn on a channeled twin pin custom surfboard hand shaped by Shea Somma
Hand shaped custom surfboard. Channel bottom twin fin from Somma Special Designs.
Hunting for waves with a fresh custom surfboard in Central California.
On the hunt for waves in Central California. Custom surfboards made in San Obispo by Shea Somma
Playing with a channeled twin fin in SLO county. Custom hand shaped surfboards by Shea Somma of Central California

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